Flashback Friday – The Wedding

Flashback Friday is my blog feature where I review an older book that’s been published for some time.  I’ve got lots of great books sitting on my bookshelf that I read years ago.  Books that hooked me on a genre or ones I like to revisit.  It seems like new books get all the blog love these days so this is my chance to highlight some old favourites. Julie Garwood is one of my favourite authors.  She writes both historical and contemporary romance and her historical romances were among the first I ever read.

The Wedding

Title: The Wedding
Author: Julie Garwood
Release Date: August, 1996

Find it: Amazon | Indigo | Goodreads
Genre: Romance / Historical Fiction
My rating: 4/5


Lady Brenna MacAlister harbored no illusions that her husband, a quick-tempered highland laird, was in love with her. How could he be enamored of his bride when on their wedding day, he had assured her that she could return to her home in England as soon as she had given him a son?

Marrying Connor MacAlister had been impulsive act for Brenna. But MacAlister and his warriors a savage-looking band who had captured her and her arranged marriage to another, offered precious few alternatives. Nor could Brenna deny that in fact she had proposed to MacAlister—even if that had been ten long years ago, when she was just a child, and Connor a visitor to her father’s castle. Actually, Brenna scarcely remembered the secret missives she’d sent to MacAlister, abetted by her mischievous older sister… yet she had never forgotten the tall visitor’s dazzling, unexpected smile.

Now, after a hasty forest wedding, they were man and wife. Determined to be happy, Brenna soon endeared herself to most of the clan, despite—or perhaps because of—her uncanny knack for getting into trouble. And although she grew to adore her brave superstitious, gentle husband she had no clue that Connor lived for the moments she whispered “I love you”… words she never meant him to hear. But when a rival lair struck out at the MacAlisters, trapping Brenna in a web of dangerous intrigue, she knew that only her faith in her gallant mate could save her….

My Thoughts:

Although I’m only giving this a 4-star rating it is one that I’ve read more than once.  I really enjoy Julie Garwood’s historical romances.  They’re full of larger than life Scottish Lairds and the ladies who tame them.  Is it a trope? Sure! Does it make for an entertaining read? Definitely!  The humour that Julie Garwood uses really helps to make this a fun read. This story has a couple of pieces that I have issues with.  Brenna and Connor spend a lot of time mis-communicating or failing to communicate.  Connor simply expects that his wife will do what he says, no questions asked.  Brenna isn’t so good at following orders. This of course leads to issues! The biggest issue I have is that Brenna spends a lot of time trying to see how Connor loves her and yet they spend so little time together it’s hard to see how either one would have time to know each other enough to love each other.  But it’s romance and so it’s not always quite the same as real life 🙂  If nothing else, there’s a good dramatic arch to the story, humour, and lots of hunky highlanders to drool over. Overall, I do enjoy this book.  It’s part of the Laird’s Fiancees series. The books all stand alone, but have overlapping characters. So you get a chance to catch up with some old favourites.




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