Bookish Merch

If you’ve spent any time on Instagram you’ll know that it’s full of awesome bookish stuff. Mugs, pillows, posters, mugs, artwork, t-shirts, mugs (I kinda love mugs!). There are lots of places to buy stuff like this.  There are bookish subscription boxes that include these types of items, stores that carry them, lots of independent artists selling stuff, etsy, redbubble, and more. One of my fav places to look for bookish stuff is Society6. I’ve purchased mugs from them before and was pleased with the quality and speediness of my order.

Society6 Low Down (for those who have never heard of it)

This is a web-based retailer that allows artists to upload their designs and make it available on a variety of products.  They offer so many different products – mugs, art prints, t-shirts, phone cases, shower curtains, clocks, tote bags, pouches, duvet covers, beach towels and more. You can see the full list here: They frequently have sales and free shipping promos so I’d strongly recommend that you wait for one of these to place an order.

There are soooo many great artists that are selling bookish stuff on Society6 that I wanted to share some of my favourites with you. I could gush about each of these. Some have simple clean designs and others elaborate highly graphic ones and I love them all!

Here are some of my favs and a small (seriously…follow the link there is sooo much more) sampling of their work.

**All photo’s from the artists store**

Bookworm Boutique

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Evie Seo –

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Paper Fury –

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Helena Reads –

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E.A. Creative –

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Aentee Read at Midnight –

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Demmi Writist Designs –

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I have all sorts of designs bookmarked…my biggest challenge is choosing which to order!  I have a serious mug obsession collection, and I keep wanting to add to it.  If you search you can likely find something for whatever your fandom is.  I’m in awe of the talent that these artists have. And I want all the things!

If you place your first order by following through this link you’ll get $10 off your first order (full disclosure, it’s a referral link and I get a $10 credit too). And if you don’t want to do that, I’m good with that too. Mostly I just wanted to share some of the great bookish designers that are available since it can be hard to search for them sometimes.

Do you have any others that I missed and should add to the list?


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