Fanfiction Friday

So, in addition to reading books I also enjoy reading fanfiction.  There is some amazing stuff out there. And some horrible stuff, but it’s easy to just click back out when you don’t like it. I love seeing where authors take the characters. Sometimes you get non-cannon pairings, alternate universes, or just a different twist on the book/show. This is my infrequent attempt to showcase some of the stories I’ve read that I loved.

This week I’m sharing with you Why Don’t We Break The Rules, Already? by LayALioness.

Fandom:  The 100 (TV)
Relationship:  Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin
Tags: Alternate Universe – Harry Potter Setting
Words:  83536 words (!!!) split into 2 chapters.
Rating: Mature

The next morning, Clarke hexed Bellamy so his hands kept dripping blue ink everywhere, smearing it on everything that he touched, like a leaky pen. She’d nearly forgotten about it by the afternoon, but then suddenly someone was grabbing hold of her feet, and Clarke glanced down, shocked, to find Bellamy smearing his leaky blue hands all over her nice white sneakers.

“What are you doing?” she asked, unable to look away as he ruined her shoes. They hadn’t actually touched each other since that first day, when she’d shoved him. She couldn’t believe he was resorting to–Muggle tactics!

“Just practicing some art,” he grinned cheerily up at her, and then strode away as if nothing had just happened. He was whistling.

It took her another hour to realize that he’d charmed her shoes to be glued to her feet, so she had to wear them to the shower, and even to bed. The spell had worn off by the morning, but the blue was still there, dried in a pattern that sort of resembled ivy vines one way and bird feathers the next. Clarke decided she liked the way they looked, and would keep them.

A Marauders AU

I loved this! I’m not even sure I’m capable of reviewing it, but it’s a fantastic blending of The 100 and Harry Potter. Set at Hogwarts, it’s not a retelling of HP, but a unique story that pulls elements of both HP and The 100 into a compelling story. If you’re familiar with either of these (although it’s well done enough that I think you could read without being in either fandom) you’ll know that there’s a lot of death as part of the cannon story. And chapter 2 of this story definitely reflects that. There were parts that I was reading through the tears. The story takes us from before Clarke starts at Hogwarts through past graduation. Chapter 1 is definitely more light hearted with a bunch of Bellamy/Clarke hijinks. And some of the deeper themes that show up a bit farther into the story with the issues between “purebloods” and “muggle-borns” although cannon to the HP universe also cut a little close to home. There’s some beautiful writing. I loved this line:

But the thing about fears is that they don’t always listen. Sometimes when you tell them to leave, they stay, and sometimes when you tell them they’re wrong, they make you think they’re right. Sometimes even when you know they’re silly, they don’t feel silly at all.

And the use of some of the minor characters from The 100 and the locations, magic and world from HP is spot on and fantastic. This is a long story and well worth the read!



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